6 brilliant Venue Ideas to host a Baby Shower for your best friend

When the mum-to-be leaves their best friend in charge of organising at least the event for her baby shower, it’s crucial that one big question is answered. Baby showers are similar to hen-dos in the fact that, there is nothing wrong with asking the mum-to-be what would be her worst nightmare. Surprises are all fun and games until the mum-to-be is upset (solely not from her emotions) that she doesn’t like the venue. The venue is usually already reserved or at least planned, however there’s always a chance you may be left in charge with choosing the venue, but not worry – here are 6 brilliant venues to consider (including the living room). We hope these baby shower ideas help you plan the best Baby Shower you can.

First things first – Get the heads up!

This doesn’t have to be a spoiler yet if you are the best friend of the mum-to-be, you surely know her better than anyone else. Therefore there is nothing wrong with confronting her by asking ideally what she would like or what she wouldn’t like. For example, if she is struggling with a tough pregnancy – heading out somewhere for the day or even being far from her home might bring her discomfort, so it’s better to address that as soon as possible.

Local Tea Room

Most baby showers tend to be hosted in the afternoon, and where could be a cuter place than a nice tea room? It doesn’t have to be local – maybe you don’t have one that is local, yet business owners love nothing more than when (especially their locals) want to celebrate their special event in their shop. A tea room would bring comfort to mainly the mum-to-be, she may not had ever been a fan of scones and small cups of tea – or even ham sandwiches, but it’s probably more relaxing than hosting the baby shower at her own house. It’s also a place where you know that everyone will remain sober and stomachs and emotions will be fulfilled with cosiness as refreshing drinks, snacks and light pastries will be provided.

Hotel Suite

This is perfect for the best friends and close friends towards the mum-to-be. This would be a great venue for true girl bonding, however if you know that she prefers her own space then you might want to run the idea of this through with her. This venue depends on how far along in pregnancy the mum-to-be is, if its early days then the thought of having a sleepover with her best girl pals may just be the highlight she really needed. If it’s a later baby shower and she’s more than half way, then the thought of her not having her own bed & space may frustrate her. Yet surely pregnant or not, you can’t beat a fully serviced night where you all get to put your feet up and do nothing!

Top Tip: Fancy the city? Having stayed at “30 James Street” in Liverpool myself, this hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels throughout Liverpool. It’s in the heart of Albert Docks meaning you’re minutes away from major shopping centres, bars and restaurants to the point – they provide baby shower packages on a weekly basis.

Club houses

Club houses are an inexpensive option and can vary in features within their location. Throughout the UK there are around 19,467 club houses where as in North America alone, there are over 25,870 club houses. There’s no genuine truth in whether the trend for baby showers originally was America’s own, however their venues and supplies certainly show for it. With the UK catching up on the trend – more and more club houses are appearing, and they have just what you need for the upmost stress-free, pre-organized and highly trained team on hand to make the day incredibly special.

Church Hall

Religiously strict church attendees or non-regular church attendees, what place could be more holy to host a baby shower? If you’re feeling creative and would like to make the place a little more feminine, you can head over to Pinterest and discover some amazing baby shower inspo, maybe things you never even thought of! Such as: hand-made cut out drop backgrounds, ceiling decorations, mouth-watering cupcake recipes, tear-jerking designs the list is endless... With the help of the other females, you could get the church hall looking not so church hall within a matter of minutes – tops a couple of hours!

The favourite Restaurant

Surely it wasn’t so long ago that you were joined as a squad or just the two of you, enjoying your favourite main dish followed with a few glasses of sangria. It doesn’t mean it’s the end. The memories and good thoughts will come beaming back to the surface if you rejoined here. After all, having not just any food but your favourite dish cooked for you must be earning you “friend of the year” award.

Overall, your top priority is not how pretty the cupcakes look or even the baby shower decorations, what does matter the most is that the mum-to-be is content & has a day she will never forget. You want to make this occasion as special as it can be, because it may only happen once for her.

Make sure that the venue is booked sooner than later, set a reasonable budget and make it personal. Finally, if you have been left solely in charge, do ask for help if it’s needed – everyone should chip in and make a special contribution to making this day one that she will not forget, good luck!

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