We are supporting "Get Girls Plumbing"

National call for more females into the plumbing industry, as research reveals young girls are let down at school

We aim to support and promote WaterSafe’s newly-launched ‘Get Girls Plumbing’ campaign designed to encourage more women to take up tools. A poll of 2,000 consumers conducted by WaterSafe, the UK’s leading plumbing assurance scheme, shows that while the majority (79 per cent) regard skill as being most important, nearly a third would prefer a female plumber to carry out work in their home. Nearly two-thirds feel it’s time traditional stereotypes were done away with.

4 percent of women weren’t advised to take up a trade whilst at school, instead being encouraged into more stereotypical female roles such as admin or secretarial work. 38 percent of women in the UK would learn a trade, if they had their time over again. Less than 1 percent of plumbers in the UK are women. A third of women (31 percent) would prefer a female plumber to carry out work on their home. 59 percent of consumers would feel positive about more women taking up a trade role

To help promote this important issue, we are working in partnership with Boiler Breakdowns, whom are a large plumbing outfit based in London, they have plumbers and heating engineers based across various areas of London. As a plumbing and heating company they support apprenticeships in every form and strongly supporting getting more women and girls into the plumbing industry. For more information please visit: www.boilerbreakdowns.com or click HERE.

This articles was written with sources from Water Safe to read the full details of the campaign and find out how to get involved. Click HERE.