Welcome to WIW

Welcome to the Women into Work website. Women into Work programmes are funded by Equal and managed by SOVA, to identify and tackle barriers to employment, training and education for women. SOVA is the leading national volunteer mentoring organisation working in the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales and has over 30 years experience in delivering quality services. The Women into Work programmes are part funded by the European Structural Fund Community initiative. There have been 2 rounds of Equal funding. Round 1 delivery ceased in November 2005. Building on the success of the Round 1 Women into Work programme, further funding was secured and 2 new Equal programmes are currently being delivered. One programme continues the focus on women who have been disadvantaged by their experience of the Criminal Justice System, whilst the other identifies and challenges barriers to gender desegregation in the workplace, for disadvantaged women. Women into Work: Moving On builds on the success of the Round 1 programme and is working in partnership with national and local statutory and voluntary sector partners to identify and challenge barriers to employment, training and education for women who have experienced disadvantage. Partners include Stonham Housing, Sheffield Hallam University, Red Kite Learning, Radio for Development, Business in Prisons, Positively Women, Hen Party Leeds, the National Offender Management Service and HM Prisons Womens Unit. We also have a partner organisation in Europe who are doing similar work in their own countries and with whom we share information, ideas and practice. The Women into Work Building Futures Programme aims to contribute to equality of opportunity by testing out innovative approaches to working with employers to improve the gender balance in sectors under-represented by women, particularly those women with additional needs created by multiple disadvantages and to increase their participation in enterprise. The Women into Work programme successfully worked towards combating discrimination for women in the Criminal Justice System, by identifying barriers to employment from a female perspective through peer research and piloting innovatory methods of addressing these barriers. Methodologies and products for mainstreaming are now available.